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spring break service trip

CATs: charleston adventure team service


Join RUF this Spring Break!

March 1-7, Charleston, SC.

To Grow, Play, and Serve together. 



fun on the cannon balls
Mary & Hannah!
The group stops for a picture in Bat
Tyler, busy painting
raising the walls!
Lindsay & Julia, ready to work!
Raising the first wall of the shed
Another group spent hours organizing
Andrew & Kyle working on the porch
sweet friends!
it's a "party on the dance floor" at
smoothing out the concrete step
Andrew decides to measure Rosy
they screened in the entire front po
the screening team
Anna, Mary & Hannah
yeay for carrying ladders!
Monica & Rosy found a good resting s
We enjoyed dinner after a hard day's
it was delicious
Daniel & Andrew enjoying their dinne
the concrete-mixing team
Sarah gets excited about painting
Hannah hard at work

Why should i come on the spring break service trip?


Read what some of the students who participated in the trip last year had to say:


"The trip to John's Island last year was incredible. It was an opportunity to build some relationships with amazing people that I may not have met otherwise and a chance to strengthen existing relationships. We had tons of fun working and hanging out. It was a terrific use of a week and absolutely something that I would do again." – Davidson Student


“Before going on the RUF Spring Break trip, I did not really know that much about RUF. I had been to a couple of large group meetings, but was not deeply involved. I was nervous about going, but the group was very open and welcoming. The trip provided a safe space for me to examine my relationship with God. Through the service activities and informal bible studies, I was able to get a better sense of what RUF stood for and the ways in which we could embody God's love for others.” - Davidson Student


“The Spring Break trip to John's Island was a great time to grow in my relationship with God and with other people.  The work was tiring but fulfilling—screening an entire porch took a long time, but seeing it finished, knowing it would be enjoyed during the warm South Carolina summer evenings, and doing it with friends all made it quite worthwhile.  The devotions and fellowship in the evening, as well as a couple little trips into Charleston, rejuvenated me for both the next day's work and the rest of the semester.  The trip was a Spring Break well spent.” - Davidson Student



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